pondělí 20. června 2011

Oprah helped to sell ceramic knives

Oprah's show is not on our TV's now, but I'm sure that everyone remembers how extreme effects it has on some product Oprah mentions. It is not so long time ago, when Oprah was talking about caramic knives. Sh was talking about them that these knives are really good and she even mentioned one particular ashop that sells ceramic knives. It had really extrmeme effect on the sales of that shop, really extreme.
Oprah was talking about ceramic knives Kyocera from one small shop in Libertville. the effect was so massive that in very short time 200 sets of ceramic knives has been sold and many people were calling all the time. It is really amazing how big power some people has. Not only this shop, but the whole city could feel that effect since many people came to the shop personally.

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