pondělí 20. června 2011

Good ceramic knife to start with

Last few days I have been thinking about some questions I have received. One of the questions that repeated few times is what is good ceramic knife to start with. Well, at first I wanted to answer that it would be probably best, for someone who does not have any experience with ceramic knives to start with some very cheap, but then I've changed my opinion. If you start with some very cheap ceramic knife, you will probably never be able to see how big difference there is between ceramic knife and classic knife. Those cheap ceramic knifes has really very low quality and absolutely cannot be compared with those quality ones. They are not as sharp, does not last so long sharp and are more fragile. Well, if you really have absolutely no experience with ceramic knifes I cannot suggest you those really top and expensive ceramic knifes also, because maybe ceramic knifes are not good for you and it would be bad invested money.
The best is I think to buy some cheapr knife from some well known brand. The knife you can see here is exactly that knife I suggest to everyone who starts with ceramic knifes. It has everything such knife needs, has high quality,is not expensive and you can easily buy it from amazon.

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