neděle 19. června 2011

Ceramic knives - what to pay attention

Ok so you have finally decided to buy ceramic knife, right? Well there are some thing things you really should pay attention to. Some of these things are more important, some less. For example what is really very important is the buying phase. You really never should buy cheap ceramic knives that has blade and handle connected with glue, because such knifes can simply disconnect. There are much more sophisticated methods than that manufacturers of ceramic knives uses now and such knives are simply better.

Here is short list of things you really should not do with ceramic knife:

- don't cut bones
- don't cut frozen food
- don't chop with ceramic knives
- don't unbone with them
- don't cut very hard fruits or vegetables as water melons or nuts
- don't use it for squeezing garlick
- don't cut food on hard surfaces like steel, saucers and so
- don't use it on open fire
- do not ever try to make it sharp at home without special sharpeners
- do not have the ceramic knife on same place as other knifes, forks, spoons and so

This might look like there is so much stuff you cannot do with ceramic knife, but the truth is that the most things you do in kitchen are really not these mentioned above and for those things are ceramic knives just excellent.

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