neděle 19. června 2011

Ceramic knives - ideal for healthy lifestyle and vegetarians

Vegetarianism and healthy living are things that are without any doubt very popular these days and it is only good. It is really good that more and more people starts to realize how extremely important it is to life healthy. One of the things people might not know is that ceramic knives can help you with healthy living.
Because ceramic knives are not made of metal it means that these knives does not destroy vitamins in vegetables and fruits and even in other food. This is something very important, because metals can destroy lot of vitamins in food. If you want even stronger effect of ceramic knifes that it is great to use it together with other modern ceramic dishes.
The real basics of healthy food is fresh vegetables and fruits full of vitamins and minerals, but preparing such food and especially long cooking destroys such vitamins. What not many people knows is that also even short contact with some metals also destroys vitamins in food. It is because metals are conducting electricity and because of complex physical stuff vitamins are getting destroy and fruits are getting brown very soon, I'm sure everyone seen that to happen with apples for example. Well, with ceramic knife such apple would be "fresh" even cut much much longer.
There is simply absolutely no reaction between fruit and ceramic knife at all.

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