čtvrtek 6. října 2011

Black Ceramic Knives

Hello all, have you already seen those new black ceramic knives? I think these knives are absolutely beautiful and really just looks better than classic white ceramic knives. I have seen these knives for the first time just few days ago qand I have to admit that I instantly fell in love with these knives. That is the reason why I have decided to create this article and find some more info about black ceramic knives. I have found some really interesting info about black ceramic knives.
Well, the truth is that black ceramic knives are not so different from those white ceramic knives we all know. Some of them are even completely same, except of color, but we will talk about it later.
So, what are the biggest differences between white and black ceramic knives? It is the material these knives are made of. Standard ceramic knive is made of Zirconium Oxide. It is really absolutely great material for knive, always was and probably always will be really great. Well, few years ago scientists found something what is eve better? What exactly means better? That is really good question.
When it comes to knives it is very important to use some hard, some really extremely hard material and you can be sure that Zirconium Oxide you can find in white ceramic knives really is very hard material. Well, there are material that are even harder and can be used in ceramic knives. This material is Zirconium Carbide that is created during process of creating ceramic knive. It is something really very interesting and also quite complex method. I have to admit that I do not know the details of this method, but it somehow changes in the end of creating ceramic knife Zirconium Oxide to Zirconium Carbide.
What is so great about Zirconium Carbide that black ceramic knives are made of? It is twice as hard as Zirconium Oxide and that means these knives are simply better.
Now I would like to warn you that not all black ceramic knives are made of Zirconium Carbide, there are many knives that are made of Zirconium Oxide, but are just colored to black color because of design. So when you will buy black ceramic knive, always look for those made of Zirconium Carbide.
The last thing I want to inform you is that black ceramic knives are in fact not more expensive than those white ones, so from now on I would not buy those white ones.

středa 5. října 2011

How to sharpen ceramic knives?

We already had article about how to sharpen ceramic knives, but of course not everyone who wants to sharpen ceramic knives wants to buy this tool for it. It is absolutely true that this special electric sharpener for keramic knives is not anything cheap and also it is true of course that if you have for example just or two ceramic knives, you probably do not want to spend this kind of money on such tool.
I have now only two ceramic knives and I have to admit that even I really like that tool, it is for me just to expensive. It is of course because ceramic knives you really do not need to sharpen them so often. If you don't use these knives everyday many and many times and especially if you do not use these knives for tasks these knives are not supposed to be used on, you do not need to sharpen these knives very often. I would say that for normal everyday use at your home sharpening them once a year is more then enough.
Of course this is true when you use really high quality ceramic knives and not those very cheap. Those cheap knives also usually are very sharp when you buy them, but soon, after few months you need to sharpen these ceramic knives again. Well in that case it would be even good idea to buy this sharpener from Kyocera and especially if you have more these knives or have lot of friends who has these ceramic knives also. Maybe it will not make you any money, but it will probably make your friends happy and that is something what is sometimes more important than money, don't you think?
Well, topic of this article is how to sharpen ceramic knives and so far I wrote only about sharpening such knife at home with that special sharpener from Kyocera. There are of course much more options, so lets take a look at these options.
Another option is sending the knife to the company that created your knife, if you have those quality ones, they will sharpen you ceramic knive for free. That is I think absolutely best option for all of you who has one or two such knives and use them just in home.
Well, there is alosd third option and that is buing some of those cheap ceramic knife sharpeners. I really cannot recommend you this, because I have tried it. I bought one really cheap sharpener for ceramic knives, it looked quite similar as sharpeners for steel knives, except it should have small diamonds on it. This way it should be able to sharpen ceramic knives. The problem is that I have tried it and it just did not work. It was really hard work and maybe it would work on my knife, but I would need to spend several hours sharpening every knife and I just think it is not worth it. So again, I do not recommend these cheap ceramic knife sharpeners, another reason is that you could damage your knive. That is something you probably do not want.
The last option when you need to know how to sharpen ceramic knive is some local knive-sharpener, but I really do not have any idea if they have the necessary tools to sharpen these knives.
I hope I answered your question how to sharpen ceramic knives and when there will be something new, I will of course inform you here on my blog.