neděle 19. června 2011

Ceramic knives are used not only in kitchens

Thanks to absolutely special features are ceramic knives used in many and many various areas and definetely not just for cutting food in kitchen. The main reason for really wide use of ceramic knives is that ceramic knives never gets rusty and when I write here never I mean it. It is because these knives are not made form metal, but from ceramic material. That is the reason why for example divers uses them, but there are also many other uses. Another group that uses them are police and army. These groups does not use ceramic knives for fighting, but for something else. Because these knives are not made from metal it means that these knifes are not conductors and they are of course not even magnetic. That means that these knives are perfect for pyrotechnist and guys who defuse bombs. As you might have on your mind now, these knives might be problems, because metal detectors cannot detect them and that is the reason why manufactures of these knives puts some small amount of metal so these knives can be detected easier, so they are not so big risk for security.

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