pondělí 20. června 2011

How to sharpen ceramic knives at home?

If you know ceramic knives you probably also knows that it is really quite big problem to sharpen ceramic knives at home. In fact for very long time it was not possible, well, now it really is possible to sharpen ceramic knives at home and it is quite easy.
Everyone who wants to sharpen ceramic knives at home needs now just one thing and it is this tool. Do you know what it is?

Well this tool is really perfect solution for home resharpening of ceramic knives. The full name of this quite new product is Kyocera Electric Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpener DS-50. This tool was real revolution in world of ceramic knifes, because until this, it was impossible to resharpen ceramic knives at home. I think it is no coincidence that world leader in ceramic knifes brought this, Kyocera really is the best, they invented these knifes and means something!

This ceramic knife sharpener is using diamond wheel grind stone and is very safe and easy to use. With this it is really very hard to do something wrong.

What is good about this sharpener

- has diamond grind stone
- is battery powered
- extremely easy to use
- easy to clean
- it is possible to change the grind stone
- it is designed for both left handed and right handed persons

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