pondělí 20. června 2011

Good ceramic knife to start with

Last few days I have been thinking about some questions I have received. One of the questions that repeated few times is what is good ceramic knife to start with. Well, at first I wanted to answer that it would be probably best, for someone who does not have any experience with ceramic knives to start with some very cheap, but then I've changed my opinion. If you start with some very cheap ceramic knife, you will probably never be able to see how big difference there is between ceramic knife and classic knife. Those cheap ceramic knifes has really very low quality and absolutely cannot be compared with those quality ones. They are not as sharp, does not last so long sharp and are more fragile. Well, if you really have absolutely no experience with ceramic knifes I cannot suggest you those really top and expensive ceramic knifes also, because maybe ceramic knifes are not good for you and it would be bad invested money.
The best is I think to buy some cheapr knife from some well known brand. The knife you can see here is exactly that knife I suggest to everyone who starts with ceramic knifes. It has everything such knife needs, has high quality,is not expensive and you can easily buy it from amazon.

Oprah helped to sell ceramic knives

Oprah's show is not on our TV's now, but I'm sure that everyone remembers how extreme effects it has on some product Oprah mentions. It is not so long time ago, when Oprah was talking about caramic knives. Sh was talking about them that these knives are really good and she even mentioned one particular ashop that sells ceramic knives. It had really extrmeme effect on the sales of that shop, really extreme.
Oprah was talking about ceramic knives Kyocera from one small shop in Libertville. the effect was so massive that in very short time 200 sets of ceramic knives has been sold and many people were calling all the time. It is really amazing how big power some people has. Not only this shop, but the whole city could feel that effect since many people came to the shop personally.

Ceramic knives are safer

On this blog you could already see that ceramic knives has lot of advantages, but one of the biggest advantages these knifes has is that ceramic knifes are safer. The answer might be for someone quite surprising I would say. Ok, so why ceramic knives are safer than classic knifes you probably even now have in your kitchen?

The reason is very simple, it is because ceramic knifes are simply more sharp than average knife made of steel. Another reason is that ceramic knife lasts sharp much much longer than steel knifes usually do. When you are working with really shard knife the work is very easy and you don't have to use too much pressure on the knife. The pressure you have to apply on knife is the main reason for injuries while working with knife and since with ceramic knife you don't have to use much pressure it means much less injuries and less serious, even the knife is more sharp.

How to sharpen ceramic knives at home?

If you know ceramic knives you probably also knows that it is really quite big problem to sharpen ceramic knives at home. In fact for very long time it was not possible, well, now it really is possible to sharpen ceramic knives at home and it is quite easy.
Everyone who wants to sharpen ceramic knives at home needs now just one thing and it is this tool. Do you know what it is?

Well this tool is really perfect solution for home resharpening of ceramic knives. The full name of this quite new product is Kyocera Electric Diamond Ceramic Knife Sharpener DS-50. This tool was real revolution in world of ceramic knifes, because until this, it was impossible to resharpen ceramic knives at home. I think it is no coincidence that world leader in ceramic knifes brought this, Kyocera really is the best, they invented these knifes and means something!

This ceramic knife sharpener is using diamond wheel grind stone and is very safe and easy to use. With this it is really very hard to do something wrong.

What is good about this sharpener

- has diamond grind stone
- is battery powered
- extremely easy to use
- easy to clean
- it is possible to change the grind stone
- it is designed for both left handed and right handed persons

neděle 19. června 2011

Ceramic knives - ideal for healthy lifestyle and vegetarians

Vegetarianism and healthy living are things that are without any doubt very popular these days and it is only good. It is really good that more and more people starts to realize how extremely important it is to life healthy. One of the things people might not know is that ceramic knives can help you with healthy living.
Because ceramic knives are not made of metal it means that these knives does not destroy vitamins in vegetables and fruits and even in other food. This is something very important, because metals can destroy lot of vitamins in food. If you want even stronger effect of ceramic knifes that it is great to use it together with other modern ceramic dishes.
The real basics of healthy food is fresh vegetables and fruits full of vitamins and minerals, but preparing such food and especially long cooking destroys such vitamins. What not many people knows is that also even short contact with some metals also destroys vitamins in food. It is because metals are conducting electricity and because of complex physical stuff vitamins are getting destroy and fruits are getting brown very soon, I'm sure everyone seen that to happen with apples for example. Well, with ceramic knife such apple would be "fresh" even cut much much longer.
There is simply absolutely no reaction between fruit and ceramic knife at all.

Ceramic knives - what to pay attention

Ok so you have finally decided to buy ceramic knife, right? Well there are some thing things you really should pay attention to. Some of these things are more important, some less. For example what is really very important is the buying phase. You really never should buy cheap ceramic knives that has blade and handle connected with glue, because such knifes can simply disconnect. There are much more sophisticated methods than that manufacturers of ceramic knives uses now and such knives are simply better.

Here is short list of things you really should not do with ceramic knife:

- don't cut bones
- don't cut frozen food
- don't chop with ceramic knives
- don't unbone with them
- don't cut very hard fruits or vegetables as water melons or nuts
- don't use it for squeezing garlick
- don't cut food on hard surfaces like steel, saucers and so
- don't use it on open fire
- do not ever try to make it sharp at home without special sharpeners
- do not have the ceramic knife on same place as other knifes, forks, spoons and so

This might look like there is so much stuff you cannot do with ceramic knife, but the truth is that the most things you do in kitchen are really not these mentioned above and for those things are ceramic knives just excellent.

Cheap ceramic knives

Cheap ceramic knives, I'm sure that you have also already heard about them, but is it really worth to buy cheap ceramic knives? That is serious question. Well, there is really no simple answer to this question, but in this short article we'll try to solve this problem.

I really don't like cheap things, even it might sound strange I really don't like this stuff. Yes it is true that sometimes you buy some really expensive thing that is really very bad and some cheap stuff is much better, but usually this is simply not true. Usually things that seems really expensive has much more longer "using time" that usually cheap things are. For example you ca buy some thing that costs 1000 bucks and you can buy cheap version of this thing that costs 400 bucks, but this thing will last for example only 1/5 of time than the "expensive" thing. You can see that the expensive thing is in fact much cheaper that the "cheap" one.
Ceramic knives are pretty much the same, because there are big differences between the cheap ones and those expensive ones. If you have never tried quality ceramic knife then you might think that ceramic knives sucks after you have tried some cheaper version and that is the problem. In ceramic knives if you really want to see and feel how much are ceramic knifes better than those classic ones you simply have to try those high quality ones.
So if you have never had ceramic knife, buy some quality one that is not the most expensive, but is from some good brand and you will see for yourself.

Tests of ceramic knives

Today I have for you some videos where you can tests of ceramic knives that shows some of the advantages of these knifes and also busts some myths about these knives.

In the first video you can see that ceramic knives are something so sharp that there is absolutely no problem for these knifes to cut something like paper.

In this second test of ceramic knife I have for you today, you can see something very important. Lot of people are really extremely afraid that if they drop they ceramic knife and especially on something hard, especially on tiles. If you watch this test you will see that ceramic knives really are not so fragile like anybody thinks and that it can survive fall on such surface without any problems. Well even after watching this video, I would not suggest to anyone to try dropping their ceramic knives at home like this.

Ceramic knives vs. steel knives

Are ceramic knives really better then steel knives? That is not very easy question, but we can say that generally they have so many advantages they they really are better. Well you still have to think about that ceramic knives are something different than steel knifes and that they just cannot completely replace them in many ways.

Here are some pros of ceramic knives.

Rust - ceramic knifes are not made of metal so these knives of course does not rust at all.

Hygiene - ceramic knives are absolutely compact without any pores and that means that there is no dirt and contamination left on them after cutting food. Everything you need to do with ceramic knife after cutting food is just to put it under running water.

Smell - because ceramic knives has absolutely no pores, it means that these knives does not transfer any smells from one food to another and that is sometimes very important while cooking.

Weight - when you are working for very long time with steel knife, you will realize that the knife is quite heavy and that long work with such knife is really not very big fun. Well, it is another advantage of ceramic knives, that they are much lighter then classic knives.

Sharpness - this is without any doubt one of the biggest advantages of ceramic knifes. Because ceramic knifes are super extremely hard, these knifes are of course also super extremely sharp and what is the best, these knifes are sharp for very long time. It is very likely that if you buy really high quality knife, you will never will need to sharpen it again.

Cons of ceramic knifes

I could make this article and write here and ceramic knifes are the best and that they really have only pros, well that is of course not true.

Fragility - yes yes, you have probably heard about this, but you can be sure that it is definetely not so big issue as people say and it is much better now than it is used to be. It is absolutely true, that ceramic knife is much more fragile then knives made of steel. That is the reason why you should avoid stuff like frozen food, bones or just everything what is really hard for knife to cut through. You also should keep on mind that it is not very good idea to throw your knife on floor or on any other hard surface, but this is not only problem of ceramic knives, all knives have this problem, but with ceramic knife, it could be the last thing you ever did with that knife.

Versatility - it is true that steel knives are more versatile then ceramic knife, but in work that is best for ceramic knife you wouldn't find anything better.

Price - are ceramic knives really that pricey? No they are not, high quality knife is always expensive and if you have high quality ceramic knife, it will be probably working for many years and it will work really smoothly without any problems and it will make your cooking real fun.

Ceramic knives are used not only in kitchens

Thanks to absolutely special features are ceramic knives used in many and many various areas and definetely not just for cutting food in kitchen. The main reason for really wide use of ceramic knives is that ceramic knives never gets rusty and when I write here never I mean it. It is because these knives are not made form metal, but from ceramic material. That is the reason why for example divers uses them, but there are also many other uses. Another group that uses them are police and army. These groups does not use ceramic knives for fighting, but for something else. Because these knives are not made from metal it means that these knifes are not conductors and they are of course not even magnetic. That means that these knives are perfect for pyrotechnist and guys who defuse bombs. As you might have on your mind now, these knives might be problems, because metal detectors cannot detect them and that is the reason why manufactures of these knives puts some small amount of metal so these knives can be detected easier, so they are not so big risk for security.

sobota 18. června 2011

What is ceramic knive?

Ceramic knives are not something absolutely new and more and more people all over the world are using them in their kitchens every day. Well, even so many people uses them, really only few people knows what ceramic knives really are, what they are made of and how exactly they works.
So what really is the biggest advantage of ceramic knives? This answer is without any doubt quite simple. The main advantage of ceramic knife is that it is extremely hard. The extreme hardness of such knife means that it is extremely durable. In fact ceramic knifes can last many and many years and it will be still very sharp unlike knives from traditional materials like steel.
Now you maybe ask why are these knives so perfect? Well, it is the material they are made of. The material what these knives are made of is usually zirconium dioxide, this material is also known as zirconia. Zirconai is material, that ranks very very high on Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The number zirconia achieved is amazing 8.5 when steel is about six and diamonds are about 10.
When the material is something so unusual for knife as ceramic, the process of creating such knife is extremely complex. Zirconium powder is first under really very huge pressure pressed to the shape of a blade. Such material is still very frangible so there must be another operations, that will make this material much more strong. This process is called sintring and for more than 12 hours under very high temperatures, which are about 1400°C. After this process has ended you have extremely hard blade, but this blade is still very blunt and needs to be sharpened. Well, this is quite a big problem, because it is not possible to sharpen ceramic knives the same way as traditional knifes are sharpened because of the specifics of the ceramic material. Sharpening of this knife is very hard so it must be done with special grindstone with diamond powder and under water, because there is very important quality cooling.

Welcome to web Ceramic Knives

Hello everyone and welcome to web Ceramic Knives. If you are searching the web and you try to find info about ceramic knives, then you are on the right place. If you need info about ceramic knives, you have questions about ceramic knives and you also want answers about these knives, than this is truly the absolutely right place. Keramic knives are still more and more popular and without any doubt, these are knives of 21. century.