Kyocera ceramic knifes

The most famous company today that creates ceramic knives is without any doubt Japanese company Kyocera. This is extremely important company for whole ceramic knife branch, because this company is true pioneer in this industry. This company is the oldest company in this business, because in fact it is Kyocera that invented ceramic knifes. That is the reason why this company is the best in ceramic knives, because they simply have the biggest experience with ceramic knifes. What is really funny about this that they are really not famous company because of ceramic knives, this company has made lot of other stuff than ceramic knives.
The Kyocera company was based in 1959 as Kyoto Ceramic, in the year 1982 the company changed its name to Kyocera. The first original product that made this company famous and successful was ceramic insulator "kelcima" that was widely used in TV's. The company started to expand really fast and it didn't took long and the company started to create big variety of different ceramic components for electronic and other use. In 1960' when started big demand for semiconductors Kyocera developed semiconductor based on ceramics that is one of the most important products for this company even today, when so many people things this company makes just ceramic knives.

From about half of 1970' Kyocera started to thing about other areas that could use ceramic material and started to create big variety of such products. The areas were so different like photovoltaic modules, industrial cutting tools, joint-replacement systems, ceramic pens and of course also something we all know now - ceramic knifes.

Kyocera also bought some companies which created various stuff as notebooks, digital CD players, cameras and so.. all of this and much more you can remember under Kyocera brand.

First Kyocera knifes for wide home use was introduced in 1984 in Japan and since then their popularity is growing steadily and very fast last few years. Kyocera is company that still works hard to make ceramic knifes better and better than before and means that today's ceramic knifes from this company are something much more advanced than their first version from 1984. This development is one of the things that makes these knifes so popular among people all over the world.

Until now, Kyocera has sold more than 6 million knives, but until 2014, they will be making 900 000 ceramic knifes every year.