neděle 19. června 2011

Ceramic knives vs. steel knives

Are ceramic knives really better then steel knives? That is not very easy question, but we can say that generally they have so many advantages they they really are better. Well you still have to think about that ceramic knives are something different than steel knifes and that they just cannot completely replace them in many ways.

Here are some pros of ceramic knives.

Rust - ceramic knifes are not made of metal so these knives of course does not rust at all.

Hygiene - ceramic knives are absolutely compact without any pores and that means that there is no dirt and contamination left on them after cutting food. Everything you need to do with ceramic knife after cutting food is just to put it under running water.

Smell - because ceramic knives has absolutely no pores, it means that these knives does not transfer any smells from one food to another and that is sometimes very important while cooking.

Weight - when you are working for very long time with steel knife, you will realize that the knife is quite heavy and that long work with such knife is really not very big fun. Well, it is another advantage of ceramic knives, that they are much lighter then classic knives.

Sharpness - this is without any doubt one of the biggest advantages of ceramic knifes. Because ceramic knifes are super extremely hard, these knifes are of course also super extremely sharp and what is the best, these knifes are sharp for very long time. It is very likely that if you buy really high quality knife, you will never will need to sharpen it again.

Cons of ceramic knifes

I could make this article and write here and ceramic knifes are the best and that they really have only pros, well that is of course not true.

Fragility - yes yes, you have probably heard about this, but you can be sure that it is definetely not so big issue as people say and it is much better now than it is used to be. It is absolutely true, that ceramic knife is much more fragile then knives made of steel. That is the reason why you should avoid stuff like frozen food, bones or just everything what is really hard for knife to cut through. You also should keep on mind that it is not very good idea to throw your knife on floor or on any other hard surface, but this is not only problem of ceramic knives, all knives have this problem, but with ceramic knife, it could be the last thing you ever did with that knife.

Versatility - it is true that steel knives are more versatile then ceramic knife, but in work that is best for ceramic knife you wouldn't find anything better.

Price - are ceramic knives really that pricey? No they are not, high quality knife is always expensive and if you have high quality ceramic knife, it will be probably working for many years and it will work really smoothly without any problems and it will make your cooking real fun.

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