pátek 19. dubna 2013

Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Knife

As I mentioned before, ceramic knives usually does not have really the most beautiful design. I think i know why. Ceramic  material for knives is still something unusual we do not know very well how to work with and because of that its more likely engineers and not designers who are designing these knives. Well, it finally looks that this trend is changing, because there are already some knives that looks absolutely awesome.
Maybe you say to yourself now that it is not important how to the knife looks like, it should be functional, that is what is important. Well, you are of course right, but I'm really huge fan of knives and all beautiful things and I know that it is possible to create knife that is both beautiful and functional. That is in my opinion Kyocera Revolution.
Kyocera Revolution ceramic knife is all black and because it is Kyocera, you can be almost sure that this knife is top quality. Well, if you are not sure, then check out the link below and read some review, but if you have already experience with Kyocera knifes, you know that you can always bet on them.
If you are like me, this is the knife you gonna love :)

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